I was born on Jun 1928 and after passing my basic education joined Royal Pakistan Air Force. In 1950, at the age of 22 Years, I met Hazrat Khawaja Abdul Hakeem Ansari (Late) Founder silsla Aalia Toheedia in Karachi. I remained in his spiritual company for more than approx one year and took oath of allegiance in 1951. With the grace of God special spiritual attention and love of Qibla murshad, my hard work, dedication and utmost desire to succeed in achieving my life time mission paid off and I completed (Alhamdulila) my saluk in 1962 at Sargodha, and received Majaz Nama from Qibla Hazrat Abdul Hakeem Ansari (Late)

After completion of saluk, Qibla Ansari sahib, held my hand and said, Listen Beta, today is the day my spiritual obligations and agreement with you is over and what ever, ilm-e- Batan I have transferred in you, should not be kept by yourself, rather should be spread to others for the betterment of society & humanity. and you are now free from my obligation to explore the spiritual world even further at your own. Qibla murshad, further asked me, that whatever you have learnt and experienced, should not be kept to yourself, rather spread to those who genuinely desire to seek Rohani ilm-e-Batan and want to know the reality of Haqeeqat.

Somehow, the desire of Qibla murshad of spreading the Rohani knowledge and sharing my Rohani experiences with other brothers an sisters remained a difficult proposition for me. The only biggest obstacle, frankly telling you was how to proceed and express my self with a very little worldly knowledge as I could pass only matriculation level of examination in 1948.

One day, I discussed with my son, the will and desire of Qibla murshid of sharing the Rohani knowledge and true experiences with others. I also said that to me the best way to fulfill the will of murshid is to spread the knowledge and ilm-e-batan of silsila toheedia is through books. I also said that, because of my limited level of education it looks beyond impossible to do so. At this juncture, my son said, if Baba Bulleh shah, with no school education at all can write a Rohani classic in his own punjabi words, why can not you, when you at least can read and write perfectly. He further said, Abba Jan, you pick up the pen, God and Qibla murshad themselves will turn the impossible into possible. With the blessing of God almighty and Nazr,e Karam of Qibla murshad I have written five books on Rohaniat, and still planning to contribute more. During the writing of my books, i was continuously blessed to have spiritual guidance from Qibla murshad khawaja Abdul Hakeem Ansari (Late), which undoubtedly encouraged me to complete my life time ambition as desired by him.


A highly accomplished and deeply spiritual book, which narates the Rohani Mushah-e-dat of Qibla Ghulam Qadir Toheedi, sheikh Silsila Aalia Toheedia. written with a heartfelt passion, the book truly opens the Rohani gates wide open to reader to understand the realities of Aalam-e-Ghaib or unseen world. Each chapter of the book is blessed with a true understanding of spiritual nature of Sufi mysticism and reveals the realities of Ruh. Infect a very brave and courageous effort to explain those hidden realities, which other Rohani Orders seldom tried to do so.
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The most acclaimed book on Islamic Tusawwuf, written in a very simple language for the understandings of common Rohani seeker. The book proved very helpful in removing the misunderstanding and misconceptions about Rohaniat and help in removing the wrong notions of those western minded people who think it something beyond the boundaries of Quran & Shariah. The book virtually absorb the reader into a sensational world.
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Safar –e-Rohani

The principle objective of a Rohani Seeker is to explore the spiritual life by remaining firm on Aqidha, close harmony with sheikh and utmost desire to have a very close union with God. Once heart purified and soul refined, the Salak explores the unseen world of Ghaib and starts his Safar-e- Rohani and ultimately achieves what he desire. The book explains the spiritual world in depth and discuss the Tabqats & Lataif in a way, that probably never done before. Qibla Ghulam Qadir Toheedi, took the courage to make understand those mysterious unseen worlds of Sufis, which remain hidden even now. A very thought provoking and sensational book which reveal the journey of soul into ultimate haqeeqat.
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Charagh-e-Rah (Pt-II)

Qibla Ghulam Qadir Toheedi, followed the tradition of founder Silsila Aalia Toheedia, Khawaja Abdul Hakeem Ansari of delivering speeches to Toheedia brother & sisters on annual conventions. Charagh-e-Rah (Pt-II) is a compilation work of khutbats delivered on annual conventions by sheikh-e-Silsila at Zikar Allah House, with a penetrating insight he explains the truth of Islamic Tusawwaf and true Safi pathway for living with Rohani wisdom.
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A small booklet, containing the Rohani Aadab-o- Asool, are written by Sheik-e-Silsila for Toheedi followers. The principles and Aadab, if followed in its true essence not only help the seeker in attaining desired objectives but help in creating a true Islamic society also. The principles narrated in Aadab-o-Asool are very simple in nature, in line with shariah and help in creating a favorable Rohani atmosphere in and around a salak.
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